Skee Goedhart

The Art of Hypnotherapy

Skee Goedhart is a certified hypnotherapist in Tarzana California. He utilizes hypnosis and other natural techniques to help you supercharge your life and achieve your personal goals. He specializes in eliminating phobias, pain and anxiety reduction, sports performance, raising creativity, confidence and self-control.

Handwriting Analysis

The study of handwriting, known as graphology can be traced back as far as 1265 with Roger Bacons' Compendium Studii Philosophiae. Over the centuries the art become more and more refined. As the understanding of the human psyche and subconscious motivation developed so did the graphologist's tool become ever more precise. 

The basic thought behind handwriting analysis is that a person's writing is not just the conscious act of applying pen to a piece of paper but also the direct expression of the subconscious mind. Like fingerprints each person's handwriting is unique and complex. In grade school we were all basically taught to write the same way but over the years, as each of us developed our own distinct personalities and internal worlds, our handwriting also developed its' own style and departed from that original blueprint. These distinctions are what the graphologist uses to interpret and form an analysis.

A sample of handwriting can be used to tell us so many things about ourselves and others; about our behavior, about our motivations and why we are drawn toward or repelled from certain people. We can learn a great deal about our moods, temperament and unconscious feelings both in a general sense but also at the time the writing was done. Handwriting analysis allows us to make remarkably accurate and objective assessments of characteristics such as a person's degree of honesty, regard for self and others, motivation in business, mental stability, ability to concentrate and much, much more.

 As a certified graphologist, my goal is to help you learn a little more about yourself, your behavior and what drives you and hopefully provide a little clarity and depth in new ways of understanding yourself.

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