Skee Goedhart

The Art of Hypnotherapy

Skee Goedhart is a certified hypnotherapist in Tarzana California. He utilizes hypnosis and other natural techniques to help you supercharge your life and achieve your personal goals. He specializes in eliminating phobias, pain and anxiety reduction, sports performance, raising creativity, confidence and self-control.

Personal Handwriting Analysis


Personal Handwriting Analysis


fun and informative overview of your personality based upon a handwriting sample. It examines areas of self-image, relationships, attitudes, goals and personal motivation. Let your handwriting become a guide to understanding yourself on a deeper level. This analysis includes:

  • 1 - 1.5 page report delivered via email
  • Covers general personality traits
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Social skills, communication and integrity
  • Understanding your internal driving forces and motivation 
  • Relationships, who are you drawn to and why.





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