Skee Goedhart

The Art of Hypnotherapy

Skee Goedhart is a certified hypnotherapist in Tarzana California. He utilizes hypnosis and other natural techniques to help you supercharge your life and achieve your personal goals. He specializes in eliminating phobias, pain and anxiety reduction, sports performance, raising creativity, confidence and self-control.

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Animal Soul / Vegetable Mind

The series title: 'Animal Soul/Vegetable Mind' refers to the notion of a 'pact' being made between a human being and a member of the Vegetable Kingdom. 

For thousands of years man has sought to establish a relationship with certain plant species. Whether using them for food, medicine, vehicles of transcendence or worshipping them as gods we have become undeniably bound to them. 

These relationships are as varied as they are complex; from the veneration of the Great corn deity of central Europe, to the use of various plant 'teachers' in the Peruvian amazon, to the use and abuse of caffeine and alcohol in Northern America. 

As with any pact both parties aim to benefit from the deal. In this strange notion of plant/human pact, we, as humans benefit by temporarily sharing the same 'vibration'/ 'resonance' of that plant. In short, for a brief time we get to look at the world through the 'eyes' of a plant. e.g. When we drink coffee we are able to literally feel that plant's energy, and share in its' gifts (a higher sense of alertness, light euphoria and expanded linguistic abilities). On the other side the plant benefits by the simple fact that we assist in perpetuating the species. e.g. I plant coffee, I like coffee, I plant more coffee etc.