Skee Goedhart

The Art of Hypnotherapy

Skee Goedhart is a certified hypnotherapist in Tarzana California. He utilizes hypnosis and other natural techniques to help you supercharge your life and achieve your personal goals. He specializes in eliminating phobias, pain and anxiety reduction, sports performance, raising creativity, confidence and self-control.

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Showgirl as Psychopomp

On a most intimate level the pieces in this series were created as a tribute to my father, the former president of 'Holiday on Ice' (ice show); who died in 1998. 

Growing up in such a unique and stimulating environment had a profound impact upon my life, character and mode of self-expression. Here I use the image of 'the showgirl', who might usually be viewed in a rather 'carnal' light, as a sublime guide and luminary of the psyche. 

This flamboyant beauty draws the soul ever deeper into the unconscious/cosmic realms. She is both 'vehicle' and 'gate' through which the viewer may transcend the 'delicious manifestations' of the physical world and temporarily gain access into the eternal. As a reflection of life, she is by nature a paradox; sensual yet hard, 'cartoonish' yet grave, carefree yet threatening and occasionally cruel.